About Us

3D Strong produces additive materials based on modified Carbon nanotubes (CNTs), which significantly increase mechanical strength and durability of 3D printing materials, add electrical conductivity, remove statics and give unique properties to final products.

3D Strong produce all types carbon nanotubes (CNTs) with extremely high purity in 99.5% and stable characteristics which we can produce by patented methods, resulted from 25 years’ experience in this field. .

We are able to grow CNTs on  many substrates both conductive and non-conductive like silicon,  silica, and copper (alloyed with аluminium on top), steel, nickel, cobalt and their alloys. Moreover, we used some exotic substrates like diamonds for CNTs growth.

Our CNTs are of great interest in connection with their unique properties, such as extreme strength, special electrical properties, high efficiency when used as conductors of heat, corrosion resistance, etc. They are impart new properties to already known materials even with a small addition and are indispensable in the design of new composite materials, based on metals, plastics, and polymers.