We developed ADDITIVE MATERIALS based on CNTs

3D Strong produces additive materials based on modified Carbon nanotubes (CNTs), which significantly increase mechanical strength and durability of 3D printing materials, add electrical conductivity, remove statics and give unique properties to final products.

Our additive materials based on modified Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) intended for insertion into polymers, metals, plastics and other materials. As little as 0.01% of our modified carbon nanotubes remove static, add electric conductivity and increase 3D printing materials strength, providing 3D printing material producers with easier real product implementation.

The main problems of exist 3D printing materials are low mechanical strength and durability. Prototyping is only possible.

Our R&D team has developed an industrial technology for obtaining additives on the basis of modified CNTs intended for insertion into liquid ink for 3D printing based on metal, plastic and other materials.

Target markets:

  • Automotive (auto components, engine parts, interior and exterior details of cars);

  • Robotics (connecting parts for manipulators)

  • Aviation (internal elements, mountings);

  • Microelectronics (boards).

Līguma Nr. IZ-L-2019/37 no 05.06.2019. (atbalsts dalībai izstādēs un konferencēs, kā arī tiešo vizīšu pie potenciālā investora vai sadarbības partnera ārvalstīs nodrošināšanai Eiropas Reģionālās attīstības fonda projektā „Tehnoloģiju pārneses programma” (projekta identifikācijas numurs

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