Chemical Vapor deposition (CVD) REACTOR

synthesis of arrays of aligned carbon nanotubes (CNTs)

3D Strong offers chemical vapor deposition reactor CVD-4A with the system of injected liquid reagents for the synthesis of arrays of aligned carbon nanotubes (CNTs). The produced materials are aligned (perpendicular to the substrate) long carbon nanotubes with the length from 40 microns to 8000 microns. CVD-4A  reactors are successfully used in  industry and research centers and all over the world. There are new features in the upgraded version of the reactor such as some automation of the growth process, ability of adapting the system to graphene synthesize on polycrystalline copper substrates, changes in design.


·       synthesis of nanostructured layers of carbon, in particular, arrays of carbon nanotubes and their composites on various substrates, including semiconductor structures

·       design elements of micro and nanoelectronics, microsystems technology, in particular, the integrated, complex micro- and nanosensors.

 Main characteristics


●      plasmaless process, thermal synthesis (~ 800 0 C);

●      synthesis of carbon nanostructures at atmospheric pressure in a stream of inert gas;

●      aerosol spray techniques of the reaction mixture in the synthesis zone;

●      manipulator system  for the synthesis acceleration and extraction of the finished sample;

●      preparing and mixing system transport (inert) and reactive gases with a high precision;

●      system for data collecting, monitoring and processing to adjust parameters optimal for the synthesis of carbon nanostructures.

Arrays of carbon nanotubes:

●      high density of CNTs;

●      high   growth rate;

●      obtaining long CNTs (> 7.5 mm) for electrochemical applications;

●      minimum dispersion  of CNT diameter;

●      modification and functionalization of  CNT graphite structure.


Reactor CVD-4A main blocks:

●      reactor reinforced frame ;

●      electric oven with an electronic control unit;

●      tube reactor with flanges for samples and working gases insertions;

●      cooling flanges system ;

●      dual-channel gas system;

●      control system of vapors of organic compounds input ;

●      vacuum pumping system of the reactor;

●      unit of  control and power voltage distribution;

Operation at an ambient temperature of 0 - 50 ° C and relative humidity of 30 - 80%.

Technical characteristics:


●      range of operating temperatures: from 200 0C  to 1100 0C;

●      maximum temperature: 1150 0 C;

●      standard temperature accuracy: ± 1.0 0 C;

●      instability of temperature regime 0C/min, not over: 0.2%;

●      time to a setpoint temperature :  40 min ;

●      length of the working area: 150 mm;

●      preliminary vacuum: 10-2 Torr.

●      inert gas used: argon, nitrogen (high purity);

●      reactor flanges cooler : cycling water;

●      reactor size, not more: 1700mm x 1650mm x 650mm;

●      reactor weight: 180 kg;

●      power consumption, not more: 4kW;

●      powered by a three-phase AC voltage of 380V, 50Hz.

Supplying liquid reagents through the nozzle evaporator:

●      filing accuracy:  better than 2 microliters.

Maximum substrates size: 40x40 mm2

Automatic control system (ACS) for CVD-reactor

●      automation of process control for synthesis of carbon nanotubes;

●      monitoring the physical parameters of the CVD-reactor in real time;

●      visualization of selected parameters of the synthesis of carbon nanotubes on a on screen display;

●      possibility of increasing the input-output channels number, adapting to new versions of the CVD-reactor;

●      providing safe shutdown of the CVD-reactor in case of emergency.

Methodological support

●      12-month warranty at the installation location;

●      installation and training:  7-10 days;

●      delivery time:  3 months;

●      CE marking.